Launch Date

As of March 3, 2003, there is a new game in town. Welcome to Triple Heat™, a new paradigm for a scalable contest where knowledge, strategy and skill are needed to prevail. This is NOT about video games on line, fantasy role playing or pretending you're someone or something else.

This project has a long gestation period (by design) and we hope you will come and learn more about it and find some way to participate. There are plenty of opportunities for content developers and craftspeople to contribute, and the payoff will surely be comensurate with the time and effort you invest.

If you simply want to join in the fun and compete in the finished product, please send your e-mail and reserve your place on line for the inaugural game, scheduled to debut in September 2010.

Developers: 2010.01.04 - We need a PHP/JS hack that has games experience. Any database practicioners are also welcome to join the group. There is also a place for a few people with a firm grasp on UI design. Please send mail for the RFP.
Marketing/Promotion: 2009.11.27 - Round 4 of interactive focus groups is now complete. Send a message if you want to help out with Round 5 and to help shape the rollout for Fall 2010
All other inquiries can be sent here.
You are also welcome to check back from time to time
as more about Triple Heat ™ will be revealed!